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Landlord and Tenant

We act for residential landlords and tenants and ensure our clients receive the full benefit of their legal rights whilst complying with all their obligations. Our team are adept at negotiating the ever evolving legal landscape to ensure our landlord and tenant clients receive the best advice. We deliver advice that is current and tailored to our clients' individual needs. In particular we are able to assist with:

  • Obtaining possession at the end of a tenancy
  • Obtaining possession due to breaches of a tenancy agreement
  • Obtaining possession from trespassers
  • Recovering arrears of rent
  • Claiming damages caused by breaches of a tenancy agreement
  • Enforcing compliance with statutory duties including:
  • Deposit protection; and
  • The provision of prescribed information
  • Obtaining damages for failure to comply with statutory duties

Whether drafting, negotiating or renewing a tenancy; dealing with issues that arise during the term of a letting; bringing a tenancy to an end and obtaining possession of your property; or avoiding unfair eviction, we are here to help.

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